WiFi Data Transfer

Wireless data transfer via WiFi on smartphone (iOS resp. Android)

Multiple functions are possible with the ecom “Remote display” APP: reading of measurement values and analysis data from ecom instruments, recording of punctual measurements with customer data (incl. GPS address indication) and later export of the measurement report for e-mail sending or dropbox upload.

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Wireless data transfer via WiFi

  • for display and data processing on PC (free software download)
  • for display on smartphone (iOS resp. Android)

This option is available -also as later upgrade- for:

  • the ecom-D handy and compact analyser
  • the ecom-EN3, ecom-EN3-R and ecom-EN3-F compact analysers
  • the ecom-J2KNpro, ecom-J2KNpro Industry as well as ecom-J2KNpro TECH
    high-end analysers
Fernanzeige Messwerte
  • Remote display of measurement values
  • Recording of measurements incl. customer data
  • Remote command of printout and CO switch-off at analyser
Fernanzeige Messwerte

Display of single measurement values (sucession + fade in/out)

Fernanzeige Speicherung

Data export as PDF, CSV.


e-mail, cloud and printout possible.