Digital measurement and customer data management

For more efficient handling of measurement-related activities

e.CLOUD by ecom is much more than just a technical solution - it revolutionizes the way data is handled: whether heating, burner or engine settings and tests - the innovative system solution combines measurement data, customer data and device information such as tracking options and service reminders on a single information platform.
e.CLOUD not only saves time, but also makes the technicians‘ everyday work significantly easier. This intelligent combination makes it a smart solution that covers almost all requirements in the field of measurement technology.

Handy in Hand mit e.Cloud App or Messanwendung

Mobile App


✔️ Measurement data recording

✔️ Analyser monitoring

✔️ Reporting

✔️ Customer data management

laptop mit messdaten im hintergrund technik bei der arbeit

App + PC-Software


✔️ Analyser calibration

✔️ Enhanced test possibilities

✔️ Enhanced graphical representation

✔️ More flexible adjustment of reports

      and measuring processes

cloud mit verbindung zu laptop, smartphone server und desktop

Cloud + Backend


✔️ Cloud synchronisation

✔️ Analyser management and history

✔️ Technican overview

✔️ Report templates

✔️ Return and service

✔️ API

Simple connection setup

  • Automatic recognition of the connected ecom measring device via wireless connection
  • Saving and memorizing of the last active connection
  • No device dependence

Easy handling

  • Remote control of the measurement
  • Start/ stop of CO-sensor-flushing
  • Print the measured values
  • Switching to standby mode

Smart data processing

  • Display of all measured data
  • Organization of customer data
  • Saving and organization of measured values

Paperless documentation

  • Digital measurement protocol
  • Digital maintenance form
  • Archiving and/ or export of the measurement results in PDF format

End devices

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC

Operating system

Android, iOS, Windows


Mobile, Wi-Fi, USB


API interface

Mobile app overview

Fast pairing with the analyser

Management of company and customer data

Handy with e.CLOUD app on Display, it shows the analyzer information

Available information on the flue gas analyser

Various applications at choice

Customised measurement report settings

Live display of measurement data

Graphical measurement data display

Creation of measurement reports in PDF format

InApp PDF editing

Test history for each installation

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