• For measurements and adjustments at engines and cogenerators
  • Various pressure measuring ranges (up to 8 bar)
  • Combination with further checks (i. a. tightness check) optional
Ein Druckmessgerät vor einem großen Motor

ecom-DP Engine

Measurements and adjustments at engines

  • Gas pressure check (±80 hPa to 8 bar)
  • Differential pressure measurement at intercooler (±20 to 700 hPa)
  • Measurement of exhaust excess pressure (±5 to 120 hPa)
  • Differential pressure measurement at Blow-By filter (5 to 50 hPa)
  • Measurement of crank case pressure (-5 to 100 HPa)

Differential pressure measurements at gas heatings/gas burners (connection pressure, nozzle pressure, plant pressure and idel pressure) also possible.

Options (i. a.):

  • Pressure checks acc. to TRGI (on request)
  • Tightness check of gas fittings at gas heatings/gas burners (on request)

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