price-performance oriented

  • Control and adjustment of heating plants (i. a. exhaust gas losses, excess air, soot measurement, chimney draft, flow pressure…)
  • Measurement of oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide content (CO) as well as calculation of carbon dioxide (CO2) contained in the exhaust gas after combustion.
  • Optional: measurement of nitric oxide content (NO) and calculation of nitrogen dioxide content (NO2)
  • Checked acc. to DIN EN 50379-2 as well as 1st. BImSchV
ecom-EN2 - Kompakt Messgerät für Heizungsanwendungen

For Measurement at Gas Heatings


Flue Gas Analyser-Handy Instrument


Compact Analyser


Compact Analyser


For Measurement at Oil-Fired Heatings

Flue gas analysers with integral soot measurement
Sampling process < 1 minute
Automatic sampling of 1.63 litre performed by the instrument
Heatable sampling probe (heating function ON/OFF switch)
Slot for soot filter paper in probe grip


Flue Gas Analyser with Soot Measurement



Powerful Flue Gas Analyser

ecom-J2KNpro EASY - Abgasanlysegerät

For Measurement at Heatings fired by Solid Fuel Types

All ecom flue gas analysers can be used for measurements at heating systems fired by solid fuel types (wood, pellets, wood chips, wood loafs, etc.).
Filters contribute to a "clean" measurement - and herewith to a
minimization of the service expenditure.


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