EXTREMELY broad reach.


Performing Flue Gas Analyser with Remote Control Module via Radio.

  • Radio remote controller with high functionality

  • Up to 70 meters stable coverage

  • Gas cooler for perfect NOx/SO2 measurement (depending on selected model variant)

  • Robust aluminium housing fitted in alu-framed transport case

  • Up to 6 sensor options (Longlife sensors)

  • Brushless high-performance pump (2.6 liters/minute)

  • CO sensor exceeding protection without measurement interruption

  • Multi-step sample gas filtering

  • Electronic condensate monitoring

  • Integral soot measurement

  • Instrument inner heating

  • Backlit display and keypad

  • Also available as MCERTS certified version  





  • O2
  • CO
  • NO
  • NO2
  • SO2
  • H2S
  • H2
  • CO%
  • CxHy
  • H2S
  • CH4

  • With O2/CO (H2 comp.) Longlife sensors (life span higher than 4 years by normal load)
  • Automatic CO-switch-off and sensor purging (without measurement interruption)
  • Condensate trap resp. gas cooler incl. electronic condensate monitoring (depending on selected model variant)
  • Powerfull Lithium-Ion battery
  • Gas cooler with automatic condensate evacuation
  • Integral thermal quick-printer
  • High-value gas sampling probe incl. thermocouple, fixation cone and high-value 3-chamber gas sampling tubing
  • Status display for indication of basic functions, adjustments and warning messages
  • Complete in ultra-light, robust aluminium housing
  • T-Room sensor / T-Room stick (according to request resp. model variant)
  • Integral soot measurement (application-related covered in standard delivery scope)
  • Fitted in spacious aluminium-framed transport case with comfort shoulder carrying strap
  • Calibration certificate - issued after 100% sensors calibration into climatic chamber
  • Free downloadable PC software

Radio Remote Controller

(Included in standard delivery scope)

  • High coverage for bridging distances between measurement place (gas opening) and adjustment system (e.g. burner, control panel, etc.)
  • Incl. thermocouple input, mini USB connector (data transfer to laptop/PC), SD card slot
  • Backlit foil keypad and high-value colour TFT display
  • Indication, printout and recording of measurement data
  • Complete instrument operation command (i. a. manual CO switch-off, start and end of measurements, data processing, …)
  • Stable data transfer via radio (highest avoidance of interferences, bypass of metal or concrete obstacles, automatic connection, no abrupt disconnection, keeping of all measurement values as well as automatic build-up and restoration of radio connection)


  • (L x H x W): approx. 450 x 315 x 250 mm resp. 510 x 330 x 250 mm (depending on selected model version)


  • Approx. 12 kg (complete in transport case)

pruefsiegel_sw                                         UKCA

Testing according to                   UKCA approved
DIN EN 50379-2 and
1st. BImSchV.

Data Sheet


Options package biogas for raw gas analysis

(Expansion for ENGINE variant)

    • CH4 (NDIR) Sensor, 0-100 %
    • H2S (EC) Sensor, 0-5000 ppm
    • Viton-Entnahmeschlauch, 3 m


Package with MCERTS performance standard approval

    • Variants with O2, CO, NO, NO2 , SO2 possible
    • Stainless steel cooler with electronic condensate monitoring and automatic condensate drain
    • Heated sampling probe (300 mm), cone and NOx  tubing (3,5 m)

Certified to the MCERTS performance standards for handheld emission monitoring systems (HEMS)


  • NOx calculation via NO sensor or NOx measurement (NO + NO2 sensors) possible
  • Further optional sensors (SO2, H2S, H2, CO%)
  • Higher resolution and accuracy in NOLow (0-300 ppm) resp. NO2 Low (0-100 ppm) range
  • CxHy measurement via catalytic measurement principle (Pellistor)
  • Measurement of flow velocity in exhaust gas
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy option
  • Various gas filtering options – i. a. for recurring solid combustibles measurement
  • Various temperature sensors (contact sensor, surface sensor, …) for differential temperature measurement (e.g. water run-in and water run-out temperatures)
  • Alternative probe tip lengths and probe tip type (high-temperature) resp. heat protection shield

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EXTREMELY broad reach
EXTREMELY broad reach
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