Abgasanalyse für industrielle Messungen

EXTREMELY powerful.


Flue Gas Analyser for Industrial Measurements

  • Radio remote controller with high functionality

  • Gas cooler made out of stainless steel

  • Robust aluminium housing fitted in aluminium-framed transport case

  • More than 8 gases measurable (Longlife sensors + NDIR)

  • Additional infrared measurement of up to 3 gases possible

  • Heated sampling system connectable

  • Brushless high-performance gas sampling pump (2.6 liter/minute)

  • CO sensor overload protection without measurement interruption

  • Multi-level gas filtering

  • Electronic condensate monitoring

  • Backlit display and keypad

  • O2
  • CO
  • NO
  • NO2
  • H2S
  • H2
  • CO2
  • CxHy
  • CO%
  • CXHY

  • With O2/CO (H2 comp.) Longlife sensors (more than 4-year lifespan under normal load)
  • Automatic CO switch-off and fresh air purge (without interruption of measurement)
  • Suitable for semi-continuous measurements (up to 48 hours) with programable measurement intervalls
  • Stainless steel gas cooler for perfect, dry gas preparation
  • Electronic condense monitoring as well as automatic condense evacuation
  • Connection for heated sampling system (accessory)
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • Integral thermal quick-printer
  • Status display for basic functions, settings and warning messages
  • Embedded in ultra-light, robust aluminium housing
  • T-Room probe/T-Room stick (according to request or type)
  • Integral soot measurement (according to selected probe type: part of the standard delivery scope)
  • Fitted in spacious aluminium-framed transport case with comfort shoulder carrying strap
  • Calibration Certificate - generated after 100% sensor calibration in climatic chamber
  • Free downloadable PC Software

Radio Remote Control (part of standard scope of delivery)

  • Wide coverage to bridge distances between measurement point and adjustment point (e. g. burner, control panel, etc.)
  • Incl. thermocouple inlet, mini USB connection (data transfer to  laptop/PC), SD card Slot
  • Backlit keypad and high-value colour TFT display
  • Display, printout and storage of measurement data
  • Complete instrument operation command (e.g. manual CO switch-off, start and end of measurements, data processing, …)
  • Stable data transfer via radio (highest possible avoidance of interferences, bridging of metal or concrete obstacles, automatic connection, saving of all measurement data in case of abrupt disconnection and automatic re-connection)


  • approx. 500 x 330 x 250 mm (L x H x W)


  • approx. 14 kg (complete with case)

pruefsiegel_sw                                         UKCA

Testing according to                   UKCA approved
DIN EN 50379-2 and
1st. BImSchV.

Data Sheet


  • NOx calculation via NO Sensor or NOx direct measurement (NO + NO2 sensors) possible
  • Further sensor options (SO2, H2S, H2, CO%)
  • High resolution and accuracy in NO Low(0-300 ppm) resp. NO2 Low (0-100 ppm) range
  • Infrared measurement (NDIR) of CO2 (direct measurement), COhigh as well as CxHy (calibrated on CH4 – methane or C3H8 – propane)
  • CxHy measurement via catalytic measurement method (Pellistor)
  • Gas cooler, optionally made out of stainless steel, for loss-free gas preparation of water-soluble gases
  • Measurement of gas flow velocity
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy option
  • Gas sampling via NOx/SOx tubing - available in various lengths
  • Alternatively gas sampling via heated sampling system - available in various lengths
  • Sampling probes
  • Heated probe with probe pre-filter
  • Probe grip heated or unheated with exchangeable probe tip (different lengths available)
  • Different further filtering options for solid fuel types measurement
  • Different temperature probes e. g. for forerun and return-run temperatures)
  • Probe heat protection shield

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Advanced infrared (NDIR) measurement methods, chemiluminescense (CLD) as well as photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) are available in the model ecom-J2KNpro TECH.

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EXTREMELY efficient
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EXTREMELY broad reach
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EXTREMELY complete
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