thought out.

  • For all pressure measurements and adjustments at gas heatings and gas burners
  • For tightness check of gas fittings
  • For (safety-related) checks of gas, water, liquid gas and sewage plants.
ecom-DP - Druckmessgerät


  • Modular pressure meter
  • Standard measuring ranges:
    • 0-1500 hPa by 0.1 hPa resolution
    • 0-70 hPa by 0.01 hPa resolution
  • One resp. two pressure sensors (for different measurement ranges resp. parallel measurement of two pressures simultaneously possible)
  • Parallel temperature measurement possible (instead of 2nd sensor)
  • Differential pressure measurement at gas heatings/gas burners (connection pressure, nozzle pressure, plant pressure and idle pressure) possible

Options (i. a.):

  • Pressure checks acc. to TRGI (on request)
  • Tightness check of gas fittings at gas heatings/gas burners (on request)
Druckmessgerät: ecom-DP

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