Zuverlässiges Differenzdruckmessgerät

EXTREMELY configurable.


  • For various applications of pressure measurements

  • Two sensors and measurement ranges for parallel or separate measurements

  • Optional thermal printer for measurement data printout

  • Min./max. function (recording of lowest respectively
    highest measurement value)

  • Freeze function (manual temporary storage of a specific
    measurement value)

  • Adjustable damping

  • Optional measurement routines (checks acc. to TRGI, tightness
    checks at gas fittings, etc.)

  • Changeable parameters for single checks

  • Data recording and data logging

  • Measuring instrument with backlit graphics display
  • Power supply: 3 one-way batteries AA 1.5 V (Mignon)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 170 x 75 x 35 mm
  • Weight: approx. 300 g (with batteries)
  • Free downloadable PC software „ecom-DP Logger“

For Various Pressure Measurements within the Available Measurement Ranges

  • Differential pressure measurements at gas heatings/gas burners (connection pressure, nozzle pressure, plant pressure and idle pressure)
  • Further differential pressure measurements and
    pressure checks

pruefsiegel_sw                                         UKCA

Testing according to                   UKCA approved
DIN EN 50379-2 and
1st. BImSchV.


Data Sheet


  • Parallel temperature measurement (instead of second pressure sensor)
  • Pressure measurements according to TRGI (on request)
  • Tightness check at gas fittings of gas heatings/gas burners (on request)
  • Thermal printer (IR)
  • Transport case made out of plastics (various alternatives – according to delivery)
  • Tubing set - for operating pressures up to 1 bar (2 hoses - 4 m each incl. quick- and screw couplings)

Technical Data:

0-1500 hPa0,1 hPa< 3% of meas. value
0-70 hPa0,01 hPa< 3% of meas. value
EXTREMELY complete
EXTREMELY complete

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