Vollautomatisches Druckmessgerät

EXTREMELY functional.



  • Fully automatic pressure checks

  • Internal pump for pressure build-up up to 1.5 bar

  • Integral thermal quick-printer

  • Fully automatic leakage rate determination within a few minutes
    (gas sampling not required)

  • Suitability check  in no time

  • Safe and fully automatic check routines

  • For gas (TRGI), liquid gas (TRF), water (TRWI) and sewage pipes checks

  • For further measurements up to 40 bar (with external sensors)

  • PC software included in delivery scope

  • Measuring instrument fitted  in ultra-light and robust
    aluminium housing
  • Temperature monitoring (0-100°C by 0,1 °C resolution) via internal thermocouple
  • Integral thermal quick-printer for the documentation of
    safety-related checks (incl. printer paper roll / spare roll)
  • High-value Lithium-Ion battery
  • Data recording on SD card (easy data transfer to PC)
  • Hardtop transport case made out of stable plastics
  • PC software on USB drive


(L x W x H): approx. 430 x 170 x 380 mm


Approx. 8 kg (complete with accessories in transport case)

Further accessories included in the delivery scope:

  • Silicone tubing (100 mm) with quick-coupling for connection at measurement connectors
  • Tubing (2.8 m) with quick-couplings
  • Y-formed tubing adapter
  • Two test stopples, conic (1/2“- 3/4“ // 3/4“ – 1 1/4“)
  • T-pieces with overpressure valve with quick-coupling
  • Two high-pressure check stopples (3/8“ - 1/2“ // 3/8“ - 3/4“) with quick-coupling
  • Shut-off valve, mini ball valve and quick-coupling
  • One-pipe counter cap
  • Sealing stopple with quick-coupling

Designed to Perform the Following Measurements:

  • Stress check according to TRGI 2018
  • Tightness check according to TRGI 2018
  • Full-automatic leakage rate determination without necessity of a sampling container
  • Check of liquid gas pipes according to TRF
  • Check of drinking water systems according to
    DIN EN 806-4 (with optional external pressure sensor),
  • Check of heating plants according to DIN 18380
    (with optional external pressure sensor)
  • Check of sewage plans according to DIN 1610
    (with optional sealing bladder set),
  • Heating-Check according to DIN EN 15378 (option)
  • 4-Pa test (option)
  • Free specifiable pressure measurements
  • Differential temperature (with optional fitting temperature sensors)


DVGW LogoReg.-Nr.: DG-4805CN0201


UKCAUKCA approved


Data Sheet


  • Heating-Check according to DIN EN 15378
  • 4-Pa test
  • Parallel pressure measurement possible (1500 hPa
    as well as one of the above measurement ranges)
  • Various temperature sensors (contact sensor, surface sensor, …) for differential temperature measurement (e.g. water-run-in and water-run-out temperatures)
  • High-pressure sensor 0…20 bar
  • High-pressure sensor 0…40 bar
  • ecom-LSG for detection of burnable gases

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Measurement Range Pressure Building [hPa]Measurement Resolution
0-1500 hPainternal pumpinternal pressure sensor0,1 hPa
0-20 barexternal pump*external pressure sensor*0,01 bar
0-40 barexternal pump*external pressure sensor*0,01 bar
* Accessories / Options
EXTREMELY efficient
EXTREMELY efficient
EXTREMELY complete
EXTREMELY complete

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