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ecom-DP Profi Set

  • For pressure measurements at gas burners

  • For tightness check of gas fittings (± 100 to 150 mbar)

  • Check of gas connection pressure

  • Measurement of gas adjustment pressure

  • Adjustement of gas pressure controller

  • Adjustment of air pressure controller

  • Measuring instrument with backlit graphics display
  • Min./Max. function (recording of lowest resp. highest measurement values)
  • Freeze function (manual temporary recording of a specific value)
  • Adjustable units (hPa, cmH2O, mmHg, PSI, H2O, Hg)
  • Adjustable damping
  • Changeable parameters for stabilization time, measurement time and check
  • Data recording and data logging
  • Power supply: 3 one-way batteries type AA 1.5 V (Mignon)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 170 x 75 x 35 mm
  • Weight: approx. 300 g (with batteries)
  • Free downloadable PC software „ecom-DP Logger“
  • Further accessories for checks and adjustments at gas-fired burners included in delivery scope:
    • 3 PVC connection hoses
    • 2 stopples
    • Cross-piece with shut-off valve
    • Bellow
    • Transport case (330 x 260 x 75 mm)

Carrying Out of the Following Measurements:

Differential pressure measurements at gas-fired heatings/gas-fired burners (connection pressure, nozzle pressure, plant pressure and idle pressure)
Tightness check of gas fittings (± 100 to 150 mbar)
Adjustment of gas pressure controller
Adjustement of air pressure controller
Along the pressure meter itself (also suitable for general differential pressure measurement with a range of 1500 mbar) the ecom-DP Profi Set comes with three high-value connection hoses for connection at the respective measurement connectors, two stopples, one cross-piece with adapter and gasket as well as one bellow to build-up the test pressure required for tightness check within a closed system.



UKCA approved

Data Sheet


  • 2nd pressure sensor (0-1500 hPa resp. 0-70 hPa) for two parallel pressure measurements (additional 2x hose necessary)
  • Pressure measurements according to TRGI (on request)
  • Thermal printer (IR)
  • ecom-LSG for detection of flammable gases

Technical Data:

Measurement Range Resolution [hPa]Accuracy
0-1500 hPa0,1 hPa< 3% of meas. range end value
0-1500 hPa*0,1 hPa< 3% of meas. end value
0-70 hPa*0,01 bar< 3% of meas. end value
* 2. Pressure Sensor =  Option
EXTREMELY complete
EXTREMELY complete

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