Flue Gas Analysis

The quality of a combustion process can be determined in light of the composition of the exhaust gases it produces. Combustion processes occur in the most various applications.
By firing plants or at engines a flue gas analysis reveals the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2). Using fixed formula which e.g. refer to the ambient and gas  temperature –  the gas losses as well as the efficiency of a heating plant can be determined.
 Nitric oxides in flue gas (NO + NO2) can either be measured and the results analysed.

Commonly the goals of a flue gas analysis are:

  • Observance of legal prescriptions and limit values (i. a. acc. to 1st BImschV or TA Luft)
  • Efficiency increase of the combustion process (= reaching with minimal ressources a targeted goal, it means a temperature, a heat performance, an engine performance, etc.)
  • Costs savings achievable via combustible savings.

A flue (or combustion) gas analysis is performed by a flue gas analyser.