Pressure Measurement

There are several pressure measurements as well as pressure checks which are underlying legal requirements or which are relevant for the adjustment of heating plants. Commonly, pressure checks correspond to the measurement of a differential pressure. The following measurements are performed in the frame of a flue gas analysis/exhaust gas path check:
  • the chimney draught is measured by a flue gas analyser wihin the frame of measurements foreseen by the 1st BImSchV
  • 4 Pa test: makes sure that no CO would penetrate into living rooms in case of low pressure conditions.
  In relation with the operation of gas-fired heating plants and gas burners, the following differential pressure measurements are mainly of importance:
  • Gas device connection pressure (flow pressure)
  • Nozzle pressure (flow pressure)
  • Gas operation pressure (plant pressure)
  • Idle pressure
  Additionally the gas fittings can be submitted a tightness check. Gas pipeworks checks are performed following the directives of the TRGI (Technical Rules for Gas Installations). They cover:
  • the leak rate determination within the frame of a suitability check (TRGI)
  • the tightness check (TRGI)
  • the stress check (TRGI)
  Liquid gas checks are performed according to the directives of the TRF (Technical Rules for Liquid Gases)
  • the tightness check (TRF)
  • the stability test (TRF)
  • G607 for check of liquid gas devices e.g. by camping cars acc. to DIN EN 1949
  • G608 for check of liquid gas devices on boats
  Water pipeworks checks occur according to the TRWI which cover among all
  • the tightness check of connecting pieces (6 bar)
  • the tightness check acc. to DIN EN 806-4  – drinking water resp. compressed air – (11 bar)
  Tightness check at heating plants   Tightness check of sewages plants   Pressure measurement at engines ecom pressure meters do perform these measurements and are -in case relevant - checked and approved by the DRGW. The ecom pressure meters overview outlines which model fits which application.