Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon monoxide (CO) is measured by an electrochemical sensor. In order to protect the CO sensor and to avoid its poisoning in case of overexposure, ecom analysers cut it automatically from the gas path by exceeding of a pre-set maximal concentration (e.g. 2.500 ppm) and they start a fresh air purge. The measurement can be normally continued/completed; solely the CO value is no more displayed as long as the CO sensor „relaxes“. By CO measurements performed in the frame of the “Kehr und Überprüfungsordnung” (KÜO) at gas plants resp. in the frame of the 1st BImSchV at oil-fired plants, the CO concentration is measured at room-dependent heating plants. Since the CO content is diluted by fresh air, the analyser automatically calculates the value into the undiluted CO value. This one is a measurement for ascertaining the safety of the installation.