Sampling Probes

For different applications, probes fulfilling the specific measurement purpose do exist.
  1. CO multi-hole probe: this probe is used to determine the CO concentration in the frame of a safety-orientated check of a combustion plant. The multi-hole probe samples gas over the complete diameter of the exhaust pipe thru several holes.
  2. Ring slot multi-hole probe: this probe is a special one measuring gas concentrations in the ring slot of double-walled exhaust gas systems. They are consequently mainly used by gas analysis at condensing heating plants.
  3. High-temperature probe: high-temperature probes are available for measurement applications involving gas temperatures higher than 500°C (thermal power stations, engines, industrial firing applications). They are long-term temperature-resistant  up to 1.100°C and available in different lengths (with/without heat protection shield and/or high-temperature cone).
Heated probes are available for soot dot determination; for special applications (e.g. pre-filtering by heavy fuel oil) a customized probe filtering cap catches solid particles and blocks their penetration in the instrument. For exact measurements, a heated probe head with pre-filter and heated sampling tubing are highly recommended.