ecom-EN2-F - Abgasanalysegerät für industrielle Anwendungen in Fluggepäckform

EXTREMELY versatile.


Flue Gas Analyser for Industrial Measurements

  • Compact analyser with gas cooler

  • For the perfect NOx/SO2 measurement

  • Swinging-installed aluminium housing

  • Fitted in hardtop transport case

  • Up to 6 sensor options (Longlife sensors)

  • Direct measurement via  IR sensor possible

  • Measurement of hydrocarbons via IR sensor possible

  • CO sensor overexposure protection without measurement interruption

  • Electronic condensation monitoring

  • Backlit display and keypad

  • Aluminium housing (ultra-light)

  • O2
  • CO
  • NO
  • NO2
  • SO2
  • H2S
  • H2
  • CO%
  • CO2
  • CXHY
  • H2S
  • CH4

ecom-EN2-F Flue Gas Analyser

  • With O2/CO (H2 comp.)/NO/ NO2 Longlife sensors (life span higher than 4 years by standard load)
  • Automatic CO switch-off and fresh air purging (without measurement interruption)
  • Gas cooler incl. electronic condensation monitoring
  • Automatic condnesation evacuation
  • High-value gas sampling probe incl. thermocouple, fixation cone and high-value 3-chamber sampling tubing
  • T-Room sensor/T-Room stick (both on request or depending on model variant)
  • Embedded in ultra-light, robust aluminium housing
  • Integral thermal quick-printer
  • High-value Lithium-Ion battery
  • Fitted in hardtop transport case
  • Calibration certificate - issued after 100% sensor calibration in climatic chamber
  • Free downloadable PC software

Options (i. a.)

  • NOx calculation via NO measurement value or NOx measurement possible
  • Integral soot measurement via heatable soot probe
  • Higher resolution and accuracy in NOLow (0-500 ppm) resp. NO2 Low (0-100 ppm) range
  • Further sensor options available (SO2, H2S, H2, CO%)
  • CO2 direct measurement as well as CxHy measurement (calibrated on methane) via infrared principle (NDIR)
  • ecom-R Bluetooth remote controller for the flue gas analyser for reading, printout and recording of measurement values as well as manual CO sensor switch-off
  • w-lan   WiFi data transfer

Options package biogas for raw gas analysis

(Expansion for ENGINE variant)

  • CH4 (NDIR) Sensor, 0-100 %
  • H2S (EC) Sensor, 0-5000 ppm
  • Viton-Entnahmeschlauch, 3 m

Accessories (i. a.)

  • Various gas filtering options – i. a. for recurring measurement at plants fired by solid fuel types (wood, coal, pellets,...)
  • Various temperature sensors (contact sensor, surface sensor, …) for differential temperature measurement (e.g. water run-in and water run-out temperatures)
  • Additional probe tips in other lengths or for high-temperature application incl. heat-protecting shield available


  • (L x H x W): 620 x 180 x 420 mm


  • approx. 8 kg (complete in measurement case)

pruefsiegel_sw   Tested acc. to EN 50379-2 and 1st. BImSchV


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